Fast Track Your Family Recovery Process

1. You'll learn how to communicate with your loved one so that they will listen.

2. You'll have step by step instructions on how to motivate your loved one to get sober.  

3. We will give you exact instructions on how to handle things like money, toxic relationships, relapse, work, school, transportation, rebuilding trust, repairing relationships and all the other common problems that family members run into when dealing with someone with an addiction. 

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The goal is to get your family back on track, so you can go back to living the life that YOU want! 

We’re told that we are powerless over our loved one's addiction.  

That we need to focus on ourselves and wait for our loved one to hit bottom.  

That if we give our loved one money or empathy, we are enabling them.  

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but you got bad advice! 

Most of the time, you wish you could just let go of it, but you're just not ready to give up on your family!

Yes, it's true that people have to want to get sober, but there are things you can do to help them decide they want to get sober. 

 Your instincts will lead you astray when it comes to an addicted loved one. 

Your instincts are going to tell you to protect the person, which will cause you to enable the addiction, or your instincts are going to tell you to put the hammer down, give them an ultimatium, or throw out a bunch of threats. 

But, none of these things are effective. 

It's time to start making stregetic decisions instead of emotionally reacting to the situation. 

Using the science and psychology of addiction, we will help you create a roadmap for getting your loved one sober and ensuring their success in long term recovery. 

We decided to create the Family Recovery Academy (featuring the Invisible Intervention), after it became clear to us that...

So many people were being given bad advice about how to help a loved one with a Substance Use Disorder.

Most health care professionals refuse to speak with family members. 

Too many people were forced to stand back and watch the destruction of their family. 

Because, this is your life, your family, and your future!

This Program Is Most Effective For People Who:

*Live with someone who is struggling with a Substance Use Disorder *Are sick of being controlled by their loved one's addiction *Aren't ready to give up on their family. *Are willing to get uncomfortable in order to create lasting recovery for their family

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What would it be like if addiction wasn't running the show anymore? 

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How to deal with someone in denial

How to motivate someone to change

How to set sanity boundaires for yourself

What types of treatment options are available

How to deal with money in early recovery

What to do if your loved one relapses

How to open the door to recovery

How to use the CRAFT intervention method, which has a 64% success rate! 

How to communicate with treatment providers

What medications are safe in recovery

What medications can help assist the recovery process

What to do if your loved one gets arrested

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